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Design & Construct / Installation

設計和構造 / 安装

China Pacific Co., Inc. designs, applies for city permits, builds, constructs, renovates, and remodels restaurants and supermarkets.  All customers are welcome to set up an appointment for estimates.




  • Architectural Design (建築設計)

  • City Plans (承接繪圖)

  • General Building Contractor


  • Electrical (電)

  • Plumbing (水)

  • Refrigeration (冷凍系統)

  • Remodeling (裝潢)

  • Restaurant Equipment (餐館設備)

  • Sheet Metal (金屬薄板)

  • Warm-Air Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) (冷氣工程)



  • Chinese Wok Ranges (中式爐頭)

  • Custom Cabinets (定做橱柜)

  • Exhaust Fans/Blowers (抽油煙機)

  • Make-Up Air/Water Cooler (水冷回風機)

  • Hoods (抽煙系統)

  • Restaurant Equipment (餐館設備)

  • Sheet Metal (金屬薄板)

  • Shelves (不銹鋼架)

  • Sinks (定做洗滌槽)

  • Walk-In Cooler/Freezer (冷庫 & 凍庫)

  • Work Tables (工作枱)

  • Any Many Other Equipment

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